My Name

Imagine what world would be without a name!

September 25, 2010

Different PLANT species has a different name..

Different ANIMAL species has a different name..

Even different PARTICLE has a different name..

..Everything in this world must have a name..

Plant, animal, and particle basically are not the greatest creature that God has ever created, but indeed they need a name. So, can you imagine if people, the most perfect being, do not have a name? It’s so difficult, isn’t it? You just remember her/him with what he/she looks like.

“!! Yes you! You with oversized clothes and ugly!”

Hahaha… The example is actually too rude, but it may describe what world will be without name. However, we have to thank people at the past who brilliantly discovered the importance of a name. Okay it’s enough for the introduction. Now, i’ll start with describing what’s the meaning of my name..

My full name is Kahlia Vitraniza Azis. But when i was a child, my friends in the kindergarten and elementary school used to call me Nisa. After i graduated from elementary school, i continued to a higher grade, junior high school. I had so many friends there who were called nisa, just like me. Then i started to figure out another nickname which best suit in me. Think.. Think.. Think.. Taraaaa… i thought, “why dont i change my nickname into Kahlia? It’s pretty, unique, different and I like it”. Since then, all of my friends called me Kahlia. One problem’s done, then i faced a new one. Every person who acquainted with me, they simply said,

“Siapa?? Kalia? Kahlia? Apa tu artinya?”

I paused, then I said

“Hmmm..kasi tau gak ya? dulu ibu gw suka nonton telenovela dan nama salah satu nama pemeran favoritnya tu Talia. Yauda deh, Kahlia kan gak beda jauh tuh dari Talia..”



They laughed out loud. Okay, enough with the telenovela thing, let me explain it further. My last name is Vitraniza. I was born on April 13, 1991, right on Ramadhan. Vitra came fromfitrah. In Arabian, Fitrahmeans moslems get back to sacred. Niza is also from Arabian language which means girl. So, Kahlia Vitraniza means a holy girl who born in Ramadhan named Kahlia.

From my explanation, you now know that a name is not just words. It is built with prayers, wishes, and hopes that come with one thing, words thats called name. A name can be the best way to describe someone’s personality, life history, or maybe where he/she comes from. Just like human, other creatures like plant, animal, or even particle need a name to diverse each kind to another. So,

Imagine what world would be without a name!!


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