Creative & Innovative Country

September 26, 2010

Some people say, the older the age of a  nation, The easier they leave their culture behind…Actually, the best way to praise gratitudes and thanks to our nation and ancestors is by maintaining the culture itself. At the fact, they are still assuming that culture and modernization can not be run simultaneously. Perhaps they are just afraid of getting left behind in this Globalization Era… Well, it’s completely wrong!This is it! This is a country which culture is perfectly strong, but have a huge contributions in this globalization of the world.. 

Japan is one of few countries which completely show how there is still a big chance for culture to exist in this Globalization Era. Before we get further, lets start with learning their cultures


Geisha, Geiko or Geigi are traditional japanese female who skills in performing Japanese art

Hiragana and Katakana

Hiragana and Katakana are both in Kana system


Samurai is the term form for military nobility in pre-industrial Japan. Nowadays, Samurai is still known all over the world. The Last Samurai, starring Tom Cruise, is one of few films which shows how they struggle in the middle of the globalization to conserve their culture, their life as a samurai.


Japanese architecture. Can be seen at temple, shinto shrines, and kestle.

Garden Architecture

Japanese garden architecture is influenced by historical of Japan and religion belief.

Besides their strong culture, Japan give a huge contribution in the world development of technology. So, I awarded THE MOST CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE COUNTRY to JAPAN. These are some products that created by many of Japan famous companies:

Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Hints FT – HS

Toyota IQ

Honda Motor Company, Ltd.

Honda FC Sport

Honda Puyo

Honda Zeppelin


Honda Walking Assist Device

Nissan Motor Company, Ltd.

Nissan Qazana

Nissan G5OZ



Mazda Taiki


Isuzu Nagisa


Kawasaki Shinkansen

Shinkansen 500

Shinkansen 300 and Shinkansen 700

Sony Corporation

I think those pictures give much more than just words. I really hope that Indonesia could learn a lot from this colonial state. Having a culture, does not always mean getting left behind..

Salute to japan !!

I hope Indonesia could exceed the Japan’s successes..



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