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September 25, 2010

goes to……….

The Apple logo

Apple Inc.

Why Apple Inc??


  1. 2009 – Business week has just published the survey of the most creative and innovative company. Apple was on the #1 rank, based on the survey of top executive by Boston Consulting Group.
  2. 2007 – Apple was awarded as the most creative and innovative product by BusinessWeek’s 2007 list of 50 companies. The survey questions include innovation metrics on process, product, and innovation business model. Apple had been awarded as the #1 innovative product in 4th year in a row!
Although there are still some similar type of surveys that i do not mention above (yet to be), I believe  that you’d still agree that Apple Inc. is a superior company in terms of creativity and innovation. In my opinion, a creative and innovative company citeria is only if the company can make a spectacular and breakthrough product. Not just a single type of product, but many kind type of products. Apple successfully meet customer needs, dreams, passions, and hopes.
The Apple I Camera ipod macbook iphone ipad
Started from the prior and usual computer or commonly known as the Macintosh, Apple continued with camera, then ipod and macbook, iphone and finally ipad. None of it is disappointing. All of the Apple products bring prestige, satisfaction, and pride for all users. I think the primary key of the Apple success is always try to fulfill people’s dreams about an innovative product that sometimes too impossible to be made.

At the past, everytime i watched tv, I was always dreaming if the touch screen could actually be created in the real world. Finally, I am very grateful for the presence of itouch, iphone and ipad. Thank God Apple has perfectly answered my curiosity. Again, those facts prove how Apple deserve to be always on the  top eventhough not all of the statistics said the same. So dont hesitate to admitt, just wait and see whatelse they’re gonna shock you with!!

Hail Apple!!


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