Ideo Shopping Cart Job

November 2, 2010

Ok, we’ll start from “What is IDEO?”

IDEO, Inc. was founded in 1991 and is based in Palo Alto, California. It was known as IDEO Product Development, Inc. The company has locations in Palo Alto and San Francisco, California; Chicago, Illinois; Boston, Massachusetts; New York, New York; London, the United Kingdom; Munich, Germany; and Shanghai, China, as well as in Korea and Japan.

IDEO, Inc. is an incorporation that focuses in design consultancy, designs products, services, space, media, and software for organizations. Other than that, IDEO also focuses on various areas; experiences, design for communities, design for learning, environmental impact, food and beverage, going to market, healthy space, health and wellness, invention and engineering, innovation strategy, kid and play, media and entertainment, mobility, networked culture, retail and hospitality, social impact, and transformation design.

It’s very much if i mentioned one by one, the important thing is IDEO focuses on designing an innovation thinking and products.

The companies which IDEO has been handled on are Procter & Gamble, Pepsi-Cola, and Samsung. IDEO also played an important role in making Apple mouse, first laptop computer, Polaroid I-Zone instant camera, Palm V, soft-handled Gripper toothbrush for Oral-B, and so much more. From that generous great invention, IDEO has several time won the annual Industrial Design Excellence Awards in Business Week’s. It almost happened every year since 1991.

Once we know what IDEO it is, we continue to the IDEO shopping cart job..

One of IDEO project is designing the shopping cart. Watch this video about IDEO’s process in making shopping cart job:

If we look at the video, we know that each person have to give their own idea about the models. Then, they put the design in one huge whiteboard to make easier for them to generate a great and fantastic design. After that, they make a prototype from the chosen design. Finally, they agreed and succeeded to use the design and ready to launched.


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